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 Muffin Pug Rescue is a Fantastic Charity stepping in when one of our grumble is in need! not all pug's are blessed with a loving first home. Not everyone has a good pet insurance policy either, or the funds to finance accruing Vets bills. We were fortunate that we took out a very good insurance policy when we got Ronnie as an 8 week puglet.

It would be Pawsome if you could sponsor us for our Bandana walk on the 19th May 2019.

My Ronnie has had numerous eye problems resulting in multiple operations since birth. He had a full eye graft due to a melting ulcer when he was 6 months old leaving him blind in his left eye, he had spun blood serum which was used to help his eye heal. He is now on constant lifelong medication in both eyes at >£120 p/month. His right eye has been plagued with ulcers too but fortunately we have been able to catch them early and resolve them without too much scarring, he has approx 50% vision in his right eye. Ronnie is also prone to heavy pigmentation caused by his eyelids turning in and the hairs scratching his eyeball! He has just had corrective surgery to reduce this. We have had fantastic yet very expensive service from our local Vet and Referral ophthalmologists' at the Royal Veterinary College in Potters Bar and The North Downs Referrals in Bletchingly who have undoubtedly saved Ronnie from going completely Blind!

Helping raise funds for Muffin Pug Rescue is one way we can give back and help Pug's in need that havent been as fortunate as Ronnie. I hope you can assist me in raising a few £'s to give our fallen few a helping paw 🤕🐾💜

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