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We are going on a pug walk for Muffin Pug Rescue to raise awareness and funds for this great charity. Pugs are some of the most kind, loyal, affictionate and loving dogs you could ever meet but they are also one of the breeds most overbread, abandoned and abused. These little things are used by back street breeders to make money and some of them are left in terrible conditions after being used as breeding machines. Some, like Muffin, are used as bait in illegal dog fights. Some are born in slaughter houses, where they are turtured before being eaten as delicacy. Some are simply neglected and abandoned when their health starts to fail or when ruthless owners realise that having a pug means having to take care of them and loving them unconditionally. 

Muffin Pugs Rescue has helped so many of these animals, looking after their health, sheltering them, fostering and finding them forever homes. The work they do is so important to the welfare of these wonderful animals and we would really appreciate any sponsorhip donations you can afford in order to keep this great charity going. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Pepe, Annalisa and Ali xxx

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